Summer Skills Training Program

SUMMER 2024 - Our 11th Season! 

ACE Summer Skills Training is NOT A CAMP per se, but a much more inclusive, individualized training program.  Along with volleyball skills we will work on form and function, precision, endurance, jump training, quickness and agility, while maximizing ball touches (~300-400 touches per player per session) and playing time.  Our programs will offer a significant amount of each session devoted to playing time to maximize the players on-court experience.  We will limit registration to no more than 15 players per coach, maximizing coach-to-player interaction, so our program will fill fast.

The ACE Summer Skills Training Program will be for players from 6th-12th grade with 1-2 years volleyball experience (minimum). We will be based on foundation skills, footwork, balance, agility - Mostly form and function.  Players will learn the correct way to shuffle, focus on target, midline, reflective and overhead passing techniques, setting form with jump setting, proper footwork and form for hitting all 4 positions (left, right, middle and back row), defense position and footwork, spine angle, and of course serving (standing float and jump float/topspin).  This is not a "beginner" course, rather anyone can solidify the fundamentals needed to play at any level.  This program will also include an extensive fitness training component - Including jump training, agility, footwork drills and speed/power form/function and overall conditioning.  After the mid-training break we will focus on more advanced foundation skills along with in-game scenarios, quick attacks, option plays, defensive strategies, etc.  We will also utilize specialized volleyball equipment (Serving and spiking machines, blocking devices, passing target devices, and video analysis) during this program. (We will strive to utilize all equipment as much as possible, but they may not be used each date).  This program will push the limits of any player, at any level, to reach his/her fullest potential.

Many of you will be attending other volleyball camps (short, 2-3 day sessions) this summer, with focus on skill development.  While these camps expose you to high level coaching, you usually don't get the direct one-on-one attention a small group atmosphere can offer.  Our program offers extended time to solidify these skills getting ready for Junior High or High School programs.  Our summer programs offer up to 9 HOURS of volleyball per week for 5 WEEKS!!!  You will not find a more comprehensive summer volleyball program anywhere!   We train each skill each week - It's like a mini-camp each week.  We will add variety of drills over the 5 week program to keep everything fresh and fun!  We regularly have music playing and keep a very fun and energetic atmosphere.  Come and learn new skills in a safe and positive environment!

Experienced Coaches:   We have 6-8 experienced coaches each day to guide you through the proper technique, form and function of each skill and can help you achieve your goals quicker.  Each coach will offer guided support and training to each player to learn the skills the proper way!


When:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 2pm-5pm.  Mid session we will have a short 15 minute break for players to rest and have a small bit to eat. 

Where:  Paloma Sports Complex   3215 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212 

Program dates:  All programs are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  To keep a proper coach-to-student ratio, space will be limited.  We understand that many families take vacation during the summer and it is NOT mandatory to commit to the entire 5-week program. 

   Week 1 - June 4,5,6

   Week 2 - June 11,12,13   

   Week 3 - June 18,19,20     

   Week 4 - June 25,26,27 

   Week of July 4th - OFF

   Week 5 - July 9,10,11

Program Fees:  Flexible options for all families!  

      • (Comparison costs associated with other local HS camps range $18-45 per player per hour.)

How to signup: 

This training is HIGHLY recommended for athletes looking to perform at JV and Varsity standards.  Attending Camps, while fun, don't offer the solid daily routine needed for muscle memory development.  As a Varsity boys and girls coach, I believe in individualized training and skill repetition to solidify new actions into muscle memory.  No other Summer Program offers the amount of "ball touches" as the ACE Summer Skills Training Program

Please respond to Coach Chad directly to signup, or feel free to contact me with questions/concerns.  I look forward to seeing you ALL very soon!!