Open Gym

Updated for the 2019-20 season

The Open House Period for 15s - 18s - Nov 13-22

Open Gyms:

15/16s: Tues, Nov 19, 5:30-7pm

17/18s: Tues, Nov 19, 7-8:30pm

15/16s: Thurs, Nov 21, 5:30-7pm

17/18s: Thurs, Nov 21, 7-8:30pm

Open Gyms for 2019-20 season are $10 per session. A waiver will need to be signed before being allowed to play and can be found HERE. You only need to fill out a waiver if this is your first ACE Open Gym - Returning ACE players are exempt. Once a waiver is on-file it will remain on-file throughout your time with ACE Volleyball.

Notice to AIA VARSITY players: The AIA (AZ Interscholastic Association) is the governing body for NFHS sports in AZ.

14.4.1 A student who is a member of a school team shall not practice or compete with any other group, club,organization, association, etc., in that sport during the interscholastic season of competition. For purposes of this rule, the interscholastic season of competition shall begin with the first regularly scheduled game and conclude with that particular team's final game. Any student violating the above rule shall forfeit his/her eligibility for a minimum of the balance of the season for that sport or up to a maximum of one calendar year. DETERMINATION: An individual student may take private lessons anytime except during the school day or during school practice sessions.

This means that any player on an AIA Varsity team may not attend Open Gyms or play with other players until her season is over.