Fees - 2018-19 season

Team Fees:

All teams will have a "base" team fee.

Base Fees include:

Personalized player gear: to include 2 Jerseys, backpack, long-sleeved cover shirt, FULL warmup (pants and zip-up jacket), Hoodie, 3 practice dry-fit t-shirts, 1 tie-dye "team bonding" t-shirt, 3 pair socks and Volleyball Journals. Shoes and knee pads are personal player choice and therefore NOT included.

Team fees include 6 AZ Region tournaments, Festival Fiesta and Regionals.

Coaching salaries, gym rental, equipment (balls, carts, nets, etc), administration fees (coaching education, background screening, memberships, insurance and club supplies, etc.)

Practices: 2 times per week, 2 hours per practice, starting mid Nov thru early May. Practice times are 5:00-7:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm Mondays and Thursdays, or 5:00-7:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm Tuesdays and Fridays. Some Saturday practices may be needed, TBD at tryouts.


Some teams will also play large local tournaments (AZNQ, Volleyball Festival) and others may travel to out-of-state national qualifiers. These are at an ADDITIONAL EXPENSE to include: Team entry fee, travel costs (airlines, hotel, food, snacks, misc. expenses) This can add $300 or more per player per tournament and will be determined by each team at Tryouts.

  • All fees are Non-Refundable
  • Players and families are responsible for ALL TRAVEL to and from all tournaments, events, trainings and/or qualifiers.
  • Fees do NOT INCLUDE any airline transportation or transportation to/from airports
  • "Stay and Play" requirements at out of state tournaments REQUIRE that ACE Volleyball will arrange hotel blocks and players will be required to stay in these hotels. Families will be allowed to utilize the blocked rooms and players may stay with family members. Players traveling without family will be required to room with other teammates and be 100% chaperoned at all times.
  • Monthly fees will be due on the first of the month, starting December 1, 2018. Players will be asked to sit out of practices, games, tournaments or qualifiers until fees are paid or arrangements are made.
  • ACE Volleyball accepts credit cards thru PayPal (pay thru "Friends and Family" so no fee to tktplz@gmail.com). Cash or check is also accepted.

Base fees for 2018-19 season are as follows:

Deposit: $500.00 5 monthly payments of: $250.00 Total Base Fee: $1750.00