Player Stats


Plus/Minus: Basic indication of player involvement on team - Negative means more errors than earned points. (GOAL: ~0 or +)

Point Scoring %: What percent of the time we win the point based on a player serving (How aggressive the player serves) (GOAL: ~50-65%)

Serve %: What percentage of serves are in (GOAL: ~90%)

Serve Error %: What percentage of serves are errors (GOAL: ~10%)

Ace %: What percentage of serves are aces (GOAL: ~10%)

Pass Rating: a 0-3 scale, based on the number of players that could be set for an attack based on the set. A high pass just to the right of the middle front player is a 3-pass, high front zone is a 2-pass and high back zone is a 1-pass. Overpasses or shanks are a 0-pass as this gives an attack opportunity to our opponents. (GOAL: ~2.2)

Hitting Efficiency: Kills-Errors / Attempts. (GOAL: .250 for outside and opposite, .350 for middles, .500 for setters) If this number is negative it means the player has more errors than kills.

Kill %: What percentage of the time, with a good pass each player would get a kill.