Player Stats - Definitions


Plus/Minus:  Basic indication of player involvement on team - Negative means more errors than earned points. (GOAL: ~0 or +)

   Certain players will be more positive and certain players will be more negative.  For example, Middles should be high positive as they get only the best opportunities for kill shots (perfect pass, perfect set).  Liberos will be probably negative, as they don't have the opportunity to earn attack points (kills and blocks), only aces.  Setters tend to be zero or negative as they touch every second ball and don't get many opportunities for kills.

Point Scoring %:  What percent of the time we win the point based on a player serving  (How aggressive the player serves)  (GOAL: ~50-65%)  This is a VERY important stat for coaches.  Basically, is the server just getting the serve in, or are they trying to serve aggressively and take the opponent "out of system"

Side-Out %:  What percent of the time we side-out.  (GOAL: ~ 50-65%)  They are giving us the ball and we have the first opportunity to control the ball and run our offense and earn kills.

Serve %:  What percentage of serves are in (GOAL: >90%)

Serve Error %: What percentage of serves are errors (GOAL: <10%)

Ace %:  What percentage of serves are aces (GOAL: >10%)

Pass Rating:  a 0-3 scale, based on the number of players that could be set for an attack based on the set.  A high pass just to the right of the middle front player is a 3-pass, high front zone off-center is a 2-pass and high back zone is a 1-pass.  Overpasses or shanks are a 0-pass as this gives an attack opportunity to our opponents.  (GOAL: 2.0-2.5)

Hitting Efficiency %:  Kills-Errors / Attempts.  (GOAL: .300 for outside and opposite, .400 for middles, .200 for setters)  If this number is negative it means the player has more errors than kills.

Kill %:  What percentage of the time, with a good pass each player would get a kill.

STATS - YTD 4/7/24     Record: 5-4

Stats YTD 4/7/24