Coach Information

ACE Volleyball is a Family-oriented and passionate group of parent coaches.  We all have numerous years of experience coaching Volleyball - Many with EXTENSIVE playing and coaching careers.  We take coaching seriously and are constantly improving in our methods and style.  We further our education yearly and subscribe/purchase many different training/coaching aids to help us in our goals to train your athlete to his/her fullest potential.  All coaches meet the coaching standards set by the AZ Region, while others go well beyond with "Coach of the Year", AOC, Gold Medal Squared and CAP certifications (along with others being certified Referee and Scorekeeper trainers). 

In our efforts toward continuing our coaching education, Coach Chad, Coach Denna and Coach Brian all attended the AOC Phoenix Clinic at South Mountain Community College.

John Dunning - Stanford (ret),   Russ Rose - Penn State (ret),    Mike Sealy - UCLA,  Dave Rubio - U of A (ret), Stevie Mussie  - (former) ASU

We regularly have 4-8 coaches attending practices each night.  This allows a much higher coach-to-student ratio, helping players learn faster with different coaches' influence.  We have hitting/setting/defense and other specialty coaches along with our unique "floating" coaches.  Each team will have 1 Head Coach and 1 Asst Coach - And we will have 3-4 floating coaches each practice night to help facilitate drills and offer more support for each team.  This program is another aspect that sets ACE Volleyball apart from other clubs in the area.

Coach and Club Director - Chad Kreikamp

Contact Information:480-889-4599 CellChad@acevb.netYears coaching: 15Coaching history:High School: Volleyball Program Director - Varsity Head Coach, JV Asst.: Heritage Academy  (boys and girls)        7-2017 to presentHigley High School  (boys and girls)  6-2014 to 9-2016Chandler Prep Lady Titans   6-2012 to 6-2014. Named Coach of the Year by the AIA for the 2013 season.Before that I worked as Assistant Coach and Guest Coach while donating my time to the Chandler Prep Volleyball Program.Club:I've coached for 2 clubs (ACE and Aspire), where I worked with 12s-18s age groups.Playing history:I started playing volleyball in 1978 in a recreational league in my home town of Neenah, WI.  As my skills developed, I learned the subtle nuances of each position.  While attending college I formed and played on the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Mens' Club Volleyball Team as a Middle Blocker. My last season I was able to play Outside Hitter for one year before moving to MN.  In MN I met a Div I setter for the University of MN Mens' Volleyball Team and we formed a USA Volleyball team.  We played in numerous tournaments throughout MN and surrounding areas and in Regional and National tournaments all over the USA.Around this time I became a certified Regional Referee and Scorekeeper.  I also worked with the North Country Region of USA Volleyball to host and conduct player and coach training all over the Midwest.  In the fall of 2006 I was honored to be asked to join a fledgling group of girls from Chandler Prep and donate my time to work with them and help them develop their skills. After the first practice, I was hooked!! I have been blessed and honored to have been a full-time coach for hundreds of athletes over the years and I look forward to working with each of you!Certifications:AOC - The Art of Coaching Volleyball - Phoenix Clinic May 2016USAV - IMPACT CertifiedUSAV - Background ScreenedNFHS - Background Screened and IVP Finger PrintedNFHS - First Aid and CPR TrainedNFHS - AIC Accredited Coach (Fundamentals of Coaching, Coaching Volleyball Theory, Concussion in Sports)PCA - The Positive Coaching Alliance - Double Goal Coach, Levels 1,2,3Certified Referee and ScorekeeperWhat you love most about coaching:Watching players get the most out of their skills and seeing the drive and determination of players striving to achieve their personal goals on and off the court.

Coach and Club Director - Denna Burns

Contact Information:480-797-8445 CellDenna@acevb.netYears coaching: 10Coaching history:High School: JV Head Coach, Varsity Asst.: Heritage Academy  (boys and girls)        7-2017 to presentHigley High School  (boys and girls)  6-2014 to 9-2016Certifications:AOC - The Art of Coaching Volleyball - Phoenix Clinic May 2016USAV - IMPACT CertifiedUSAV - Background ScreenedNFHS - Background Screened and IVP Finger PrintedNFHS - First Aid and CPR TrainedNFHS - AIC Accredited Coach (Fundamentals of Coaching, Coaching Volleyball, Concussion in Sports)NFHS - National Credentialed Levels 1,2,3PCA - The Positive Coaching Alliance - Double Goal Coach Levels 1,2,3Spencer Institute - Certified Sports Psychology Coach 2023IAP College - Certified Life Coach 2023NESTA - Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist 2023CIC - Certified Interscholastic Coach 2023
I am ULTRA-Competitive in every aspect of my life!  "Never give up" is my moto!  I am passionate about the sport and love coaching these young ladies.  My real value as a coach is being able to relate and motivate these young ladies.  My primary focus is impacting player performance through methods other than technical advice or drills. I also act as a liaison between the other coaches and these young players. I can sometimes offer perspectives to these players to help them understand why the coaches are saying/doing certain things and helping strengthen the coach-athlete bond.  I am also good at bringing up the difficult topics and discussions about player/coach, player/player or even player/parent and helping facilitate communication between the parties involved.I bring an energy and enthusiasm to each of the teams within ACE and I thoroughly enjoy developing friendships with these players.  I coach ATTITUDE.  I coach BEHAVIOR.  I coach EFFORT.  I teach ACOUNTABILITY.  I teach GRIT.  And I'm always here for you!
What you love most about coaching:I love to see the smiles on their faces when they trust, try, and succeed.  I also love knowing the positive, long-lasting impact coaches can have on athletes, starting on the volleyball court.  I have made many very close friendships that I value dearly. And if you mess with me I make you do burpees! ;)

Head Coach  - Paige Burns

Contact Information:480-646-7585  cellPaige@acevb.netYears coaching: 3Coaching history: 

Floating coach – Ace Volleyball 2020-present

Assistant coach – Heritage Gateway Varsity Boys 2022

Head coach – Heritage Gateway 

Junior High Boys Volleyball 2021

ACE 14 Black 2021-22

Elementary Girls Volleyball 2022

Varsity and JV - Assistant Coach

Playing Experience:

Club:  Ace Volleyball 2015-2021

High School:  Heritage Academy Gateway 2020

I started playing volleyball competitively in junior high where I started my first year of club with ACE. Coach Chad and Denna helped me develop my hard work ethic and taught me everything I know about volleyball. I genuinely do not know where I would be without them. Playing with ACE was the best thing to happen to me as I have gained several life-long friendships with the most amazing people.


USAV - IMPACT Certified

USAV - Background Screened

NFHS - Background Screened and IVP Finger Printed

NFHS - First Aid and CPR Trained

NFHS - AIC Accredited Coach (Fundamentals of Coaching, Coaching Volleyball, Concussion in Sports)

Certified Volleyball Official:

Arizona Region – 6 years

Amateur Athletic Union – 3 years

Canyon Athletic Association – 1 year

What I love about coaching:

One of my favorite parts about coaching is seeing the progress of girls from the beginning of the season to the end of it. Seeing the younger girls that can barely serve over the net at the beginning to getting aces and being consistent with their serve makes me so happy. Another one of my favorite parts about coaching is seeing others gaining a passion for a sport that I love.

Head Coach - Brian Cabelli

Contact Information:480-288-0829 CellBrian@acevb.netYears coaching: 25Coaching history:Head Coach - ACE 14s  2020Assistant Coach ACE Volleyball Girls 14s-17s 2015-presentAssistant Coach AZ Volleyworks Girls 18s Traveling Team 2000-2005USAV Men ‘s Head Coach/Player (Simpsons) A Division 1995 USAV Men’s Assistant Coach/Player (Kikamaka) A Division 1990-1994Playing history:I played Collegiately in Southern California for Pierce College 1979-1981.  I was a defensive specialist and outside hitter. I continued to play in several volleyball leagues in Southern California after College.  In 1986 I moved to Arizona where I met a fellow co-worker Larry Nakamura who also had a passion for volleyball.  Larry and I put together a men’s team (Kikamaka) in which he would head the team and I would be the assistant.    I was an outside hitter and the backup setter.  During those 4 years, we had 1 Arizona region title in the A division.  We finished 4th at the YMCA nationals held in Peoria Illinois and  the following year we finished 2nd at the YMCA nationals held in Louisville, Kentucky.  I moved on to a new men’s team in which I was asked to coach and also play.  I moved from being an outside hitter to the setter position.  We won the Arizona region in the A division.  I continued to play in various men’s and coed leagues, but it was time to make the transition to coaching and in 2000 Larry asked me to be his assistant coach for AZ Volleyworks 18s girls.Certifications:AOC - The Art of Coaching Volleyball - Phoenix Clinic May 2016USAV - IMPACT CertifiedUSAV - Background ScreenedNFHS - Background Screened and Finger PrintedNFHS - First Aid and CPR TrainedNFHS - Fundamentals of CoachingNFHS - The Positive Coaching AllianceWhat you love most about coaching:I love helping players reach their potential and then go beyond what they think is their limits. My hope is the players will feed off the passion of the coaches to help fuel their own passion for the sport.

Head Coach - Joe Schulze

Contact Information:Joe@acevb.netYears coaching: 18Coaching history:Ace Volleyball -Head coach 2020 to presentAmPro (American Professional Racquetball) – Adult and youth coach and referee 2018Ace Volleyball - Head Coach 2014-currentHead Coach - Highly High, freshman 2014AZ Region Fall Instructional league. Coached various skills for 6th-12th grade girls. 2013Aspire Volleyball club: Head coach for girls 14s,12s. Tempe, AZ 2012-2014YMCA volleyball: Head coach for various girls teams. Coached competitive and recreational divisions for approximately 10 seasons for age groups 4th-6th grade and 7th-9th grade. Chandler/Gilbert YMCA branch. Chandler, AZ. 2007-2012San Tan Youth Soccer Association: Head coach for various Boys and girls soccer teams. Coached competitive and recreational divisions. Chandler, AZ 2003-2007AYSO(American Youth Soccer Organization) Head coach for youth boys and girls soccer teams. Albuquerque, NM. 2000 – 2003

Coaching Certifications, Clinics:

USAV IMPACT Certification: Current.

USAV - Background Screened

NFHS - Background Screened and AZ DPS Level1 IVP Finger Printed

NFHS - First Aid and CPR Trained

NFHS - AIC Accredited Coach (Fundamentals of Coaching, Coaching Volleyball, Concussion in Sports)

AmPro/IPRO Certification (International Professional Racquetball Organization) - Racquetball Referee and coach certification 2018

USAV Cap I – Certified 2014

Gold Metal Squared (GMS): Completed Jan 2012.Advanced Coaches Clinic: Summer 2012 Presented by AZ region USAVB for all valley volleyball coaches.AZ Region USAV Coaching Clinic: Jan 2011, Instructed by various coaches from D1 colleges such as NAU, ASU and UofA.Volleyball Playing Experience: Player on various competitive adult men’s and coed competitive teams at University of New Mexico Lobo League, Chandler Parks and Rec and City of Tempe.Director of Volleyball League: Head of Cornerstone Church Sports Volleyball League 2008-2010. Chandler, AZ. In charge of acquiring playing facilities, team rosters, all financial responsibilities, equipment, referee management, team standings, awards and scheduling.What you love most about coaching: Seeing athletes develop skills and mental toughness, the joy of competition and the seeing the confidence all athletes take away from sports to apply in everyday life.

Head Coach, Summer Skills Coach and Director of Strength and Wellness - Jessica Bell

Contact Information:Jess@acevb.netYears coaching: 3Coaching history:ACE Summer Program -Strength and Conditioning coachACE Volleyball Head Coach - ACE 14s and ACE 18sFreshman Head Coach - Veritas Prep 2023Playing Experience:High school:        2012- Chandler Prep JV; Coach’s Award        Club; EVJ 15-2s        2013- Chandler Prep Varsity; Coach’s Award        Club; EVJ 18-1s        2014- Chandler Prep Varsity; Coach’s Award        Chandler Prep Varsity Sand Volleyball; MVP Team        2015- Chandler Prep Varsity; Coach’s Award        Chandler Prep Varsity Sand Volleyball2016-17  San Diego Christian College, NAIA, Received “Most Improved Player”
I first started playing for Coach Chad and Coach Denna in 2013 as a sophomore in high school. I was, for the first time, put on a team where I wasn’t given a position, it had to be earned. Known as the quiet girl on the team, I could go a whole practice without saying a peep. Although I had a strong work ethic, a coachable personality, and an adaptive court IQ, it wasn’t enough to play through a whole match. I remember the exact night when I went home frustrated to my father after not playing a single point in a match and asking, “What do I do?” My father responded with, “if you really want to play you have to work harder than anyone in the room and get out of your comfort zone.”  And that’s exactly what I did!  I started being more vocal on the court and asking more questions to my coaches off the court. I started to listen to every detail and piece of advice Chad gave me and used every word of encouragement Denna told me to boost my own confidence. Playing under Chad and Denna is when I had my pivotal moment in volleyball. The best thing they taught me was that no matter how good you are, you can always do better. I then started to go to Chad and Denna outside of my regular volleyball coaches in club for advice on how to improve. Not only have they been the most influential coaches I have ever worked with in Volleyball, but two very important role models in my daily life.Certifications:USAV - IMPACT CertifiedUSAV - Background ScreenedWhat I love about Coaching:  When it comes to coaching the most important thing for me to see is the hard work put in. I like to push girls out of their boundaries for them to see how much they can really do. A lot of times we get in our head about our physical performance, that we can’t do one more push up or one last suicide. As coaches we are here to push you when you get tired of pushing yourself, but there is nothing more value to me to see a player realize how strong they are mentally and physically. The phrase “You can do anything you put your mind to” isn’t a myth.

Head Coach  - Will Steyskal

Contact Information:480-861-2000 cellWill@acevb.netYears coaching: 3Coaching history:Beach11 Club Volleyball Summer 2022 - currentMesa YouthBasketball & Volleyball 2010 - 2022Personal Development Coach
Playing Experience:Elk Grove High School, CAElk Grove ClubPortland Community College
I started playing volleyball at 14 years old at my high school in Elk Grove, CA, Sacramento area. I was 5' 0” and 100 lbs. Four years later I grew only to 5'6" and gained 35 lbs. Despite my disadvantaged stature I ended my HS career as a varsity starting outside hitter and defensive specialist. My light frame and hard work in the gym gave me hops for days. After serving a two year mission I returned to a new home in Portland OR, where my family had moved to while I was away. While the move was a surprise to me, my physical condition was a surprise to my family and everyone I knew from back home. I had grown to 6'2" and added 50 lbs. This fortunate physical alteration played well for my love of both volleyball and basketball. I played on a couple of adult club teams through the Portland area and played a season at a community college that I attended for a short period. A few years later I left Portland for Mesa AZ to marry my wife and we started a family. I played recreational volleyball and basketball in Mesa until my life was too busy to balance my pleasures with my responsibilities. Between my family, 4 kids and a loving wife, working two jobs, earning my degree at ASU and my church responsibilities (including scout master) my own personal development in the game came to a grinding halt. 
Six years as a father and my oldest son wanted to play basketball. I volunteered as a recreation coach and discovered that I absolutely loved being on the court and influencing kids to become better humans. I coached both of my sons basketball teams from kindergarten to 7th grade. Along the way I started coaching teams for little brothers and sisters of current and former players. There were three seasons in which I coached three different teams at the same time. I was addicted to the joy and relationships that I built with the athletes and their parents.
In 2017 my youngest daughter showed a desire to play volleyball. I picked up the mantle and volunteered again as a rec coach, and again basked in the enjoyment of the coaching experience. After three years of recreational volleyball we put her into the club scene where she thrived as a middle blocker (being a 5"9 13 year old it only made sense.)  Since then my youngest son has started playing both club court and club beach volleyball as well. Volleyball has consumed our household and I knew what I needed to do. I put in for coaching at the club level right away. 
Now the moment is upon me to take all that I have learned as a player, lower level coach, father and leader to develop a team of girls and help them realize their potential as athletes and as young women. I am genuinely excited to start this new chapter and especially excited to be a part of Ace Volleyball Club. My coaching philosophy is exactly in line with the environment created at Ace. The girls come first. Their personal development as athletes and as a team will help them realize greater success and happiness in the real world. I believe that leadership is service. I believe that being disciplined in my responsibilities will result in greater freedom to execute my goals. My hope is that my character reflects my most sincere desire for each teammate's success as athletes and as young women.

Head Coach  - Terri Cooper

Contact Information:805-732-7284 cellTerri@acevb.netYears coaching: 3Coaching history:Floating Coach - ACE - 2021 to presentAssistant Coach - ACE - 2021 2022Head Coach - ACE - 2022 to presentARETE Prep Head Coach - Froshmore - 2023-present

Playing Experience:

I played volleyball in high school; after high school, I stopped playing while I focused on my family. When my youngest daughter started playing, I threw myself back into the game. I was at every practice and every game. Coach Chad and Coach Denna saw the hard work and dedication I put into every child on and off the court and invited me to become a part of their amazing team. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

I am engaged and dedicated to your child’s development. I work on skills that will translate to your child being a leader both on and off the court. I harbor a safe environment, judgment free in which your child can fail, learn from those mistakes and grow into the person they want to be. 

Asst Coach  - Ali White

Contact Information:775-224-3470 cellAli@acevb.netYears coaching: 2
Playing History:Club: REV, NNJ, Silver State VBC (Reno, Nv)

High school: McQueen High School

Coaching History:2016-2017 Assistant JV coach McQueen high school 

2017-2018: Head Freshman coach McQueen high school

High School:

Junior High: Franklin Jr. High 2017-2019; Region Champions

HIgh School: Mountain View High School 2019-2022; Region Champions

Why I started Coaching:

I have been playing the game of volleyball since the age of 12. I chose to be a setter because no one else wanted to do it and I soon fell in love. I played for multiple clubs along with my school teams. Eventually I had to make the difficult decision to give up playing to peruse my career in nursing. After moving to Arizona I came across ACE and instantly wanted to be part of the Family. 

Why I love coaching:

I love watching girls grow and develop their love for the game. I love watching their confidence in themselves expand and their smiles grow larger and larger each day.

Assistant Coach - Mei-Ling Citron

Contact information Years coaching: 1
Coaching history Intern coach - ACE Volleyball 2022 Assistant coach - ACE Volleyball 2022 
Playing experience Junior high: Imagine East Mesa 2015 - 2019High school: Desert Ridge 2019 - 2020 Club: ACE Volleyball 2017 - 2022 
I started playing volleyball when I was in 5th grade. My mom mentioned ACE and made me go to an open gym and as soon as it ended, I knew that was exactly where I wanted to play. Chad and Denna have taught me how to be a better volleyball player as well as being a leader on the court. I became team captain my first year of club and maintained that position my entire club career. ACE has been an amazing experience and I have met so many amazing people I consider family! 
What I love about coaching I absolutely love seeing the girls bond, build close relationships, and seeing them play all together as a team. I love pushing them to the best of their ability and seeing the skills they achieve by the end of the season! 

Head Coach - Marena Bekise

Contact Information:

602-565-9011 cell

Years coaching: 3

Playing History:

Mountain View High School 2016 - 2019

ACE Volleyball 2016 - 2020

Coaching history: 

Floating coach – Ace Volleyball 2021-22

Assistant coach – ACE 14’s 2022-2023

ACE 16’s 2022-2023

Head coach – Ace 14s Marena 2023


USAV - IMPACT Certified

USAV - Background Screened

First Aid and CPR Certified

Why I started Coaching:

During my freshman year of high school, my friend on the volleyball team, Olivia, asked me to join her club team for the Festival Fiesta Classic. They needed a libero and I was introduced to ACE Volleyball! I met Coach Chad and Denna and after the festival, I stayed with ACE and continued to play for them throughout the years. Playing for ACE has taught me leadership, accountability, and perseverance. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way and ACE is like a second home!

I played libero and loved running our defense while making sure nothing dropped on the court. When needed, I also played setter, defensive specialist, and outside hitter. I primarily played libero but if I had to switch roles, it was very exciting and I had a blast. I love passing and serve receive, as well as helping my girls perfect their passing techniques.

What I love about coaching:

I love pushing players to their limit to want more and see how successful they can be in volleyball. It is amazing to see improvement and confidence grow within the girls as we progress throughout the season. I am so lucky to work with amazing teams that want to succeed and grow their skills.

Asst Coach  - Ryonna Bekise

Contact Information:480-669-0334 cellRyonna@acevb.netYears coaching: 1
Playing History:High School:

Junior High: Franklin Jr. High 2017-2019; Region Champions

HIgh School: Mountain View High School 2019-2022; Region Champions

Club:2017 - 2023 ACE Volleyball
Why I started Coaching:

I started playing volleyball when I was 8 years old but didn't play competitively until I was 12. My first ever club team was here at ACE Volleyball and we only had 6 girls on my team. Although this might have been seen as a disadvantage, we rocked that season! After my first season, I knew I wanted to stay with ACE and keep playing for Coach Chad and Denna. They have taught me how to be a great volleyball player, and an even better person.

I have played many positions throughout the years including outside hitter, right side hitter, defensive specialist and my all time favorite, libero. My first club season I was put in as a libero and although I had experience in hitting, I ended my last ACE season as a libero. I love passing and running the defense on the court!

What I love about coaching:

I love that I am able to help the players be successful in something they love. The fact that the players put time and effort into doing something they are passionate about while I have the opportunity to guide them along their journey means so much to me. I want to help every player become the best they can be! 

Asst Coach  - Elliana LaCroix

Contact Information:Elli@acevb.netYears coaching: 1
Club:2020 - 2023 ACE Volleyball
Playing History:

I've been playing volleyball for about seven years. I started in sixth grade at Queen Creek Middle School, then went onto join the Eastside Blaze volleyball club for two years. I stepped away from volleyball in eighth grade before coming back in my freshman year at Heritage Highschool. Since then, I've been with Chad and Denna for four years; four years in highschool (three on the varsity team) and this will be my third year playing club for them.

 I'm super excited to get into coaching and hopefully become the kind of coach that both Denna and Chad have been for me. They're the reason I love volleyball again, and I can't wait to help someone else find that kind of love for this amazing and competitive sport.