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posted Jun 10, 2014, 8:06 PM by Chad Kreikamp   [ updated Jun 27, 2017, 11:56 PM ]

SUMMER 2017 - Our 4th Season! 

It's official!!  If you're looking for a comprehensive, fun, engaging, exciting summer volleyball experience, the ACE Summer Volleyball Program is now accepting reservations!  I appreciate everyone's patience while we setup this enormous program... Here are some of the details!

We will be offering 3 different girls training Programs - The Summer Volleyball Program the Extended Summer Program and the NEW Junior High Training Program.  THESE ARE NOT CAMPS per se, but a much more inclusive, individualized training program.  Along with volleyball skills we will work on form and function, precision, endurance, jump training, quickness and agility, while maximizing ball touches (~300-400 touches per player per session) and playing time.  Our programs will offer a significant amount of each session devoted to playing time to maximize the players on-court experience. 

The Summer Volleyball Program will be for players from 6th-12th grade girls with 1-2 years volleyball experience (minimum). We will be based on foundation skills, footwork, balance, agility - Mostly form and function.  Players will learn the correct way to shuffle, focus on target, midline and reflective passing techniques, setting form with jump setting (every player should learn this skill), proper footwork and form for hitting all 4 positions (left, right, middle and back row), defense position and footwork, spine angle, and of course serving (standing float and jump float).  This is not a "beginner" course, rather anyone can solidify the fundamentals needed to play at any level.  This program will also include an extensive fitness training component - Including jump training, agility, footwork drills and speed/power form and function.

The Extended Summer Program will be for 8th-12th grade girls with 3-4 years volleyball experience.  We will focus on more advanced foundation skills along with in-game scenarios, quick attacks, option plays, defensive strategies, etc.  We will also utilize specialized Volleyball equipment (Serving and spiking machines, Blocking devices, passing target devices, and Video Analysis) during this Program. (We will strive to utilize all equipment as much as possible, but they may not be used each date).  This program will push the limits of any player, at any level, to reach their fullest potential.

The Junior High Training Program will be for players from 5th-9th grade girls with less than 2 years volleyball experience. Similar to the Summer Volleyball Program we will be based on foundation skills, footwork, balance, posture, agility - Mostly form and function.  Players will learn the correct way to move around the court, focus on target, beginner passing and setting techniques and form for hitting front row.  We will also cover defense positioning and transition footwork.  This program will also include an extensive fitness training component - Including jump training, agility and footwork drills.

Many of you will be attending other volleyball camps (short, 2-3 day sessions) this summer, with focus on skill development.  Our program offers extended time to solidify these skills getting ready for Junior High or High School programs.  Our summer programs offer up to 15 HOURS of volleyball per week for 8 WEEKS - OVER 120 HOURS!!!  You will not find a more comprehensive summer volleyball program anywhere!   We pack a lot of ball touches into 8 weeks!

When:  12pm - 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the months of June and July
Where:  Redeemer Bible Church (See GYM LOCATION for map)
Program dates:  All programs are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  To keep a proper coach-to-student ratio, space will be limited.  We understand that many families take vacation during the summer and it is NOT mandatory to commit to the entire 8-week program. 
                June -  6,7,8,13,14,15,20,21,22,27,28,29
                July - 5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27
Program Fees:  Flexible options for all families!  Fees can be paid on first date attended, or if you're signing up for more than 4 weeks, you may pay half on your first date, and the remainder the first week of July.  Payment can be mailed to the address on the Registration form (ACE Volleyball, 1243 E. Ibis Ct., Gilbert, AZ 85297), or Chase QuickPay to: or PayPal (Friend and Family payment for FREE) to:

SUMMER PROGRAM - 12pm-2pm    $100 per week        $30 for 4 weeks        $500 for 8 weeks


EXTENDED PROGRAM - 2pm-4pm        $150 per week        $450 for 4 weeks        $650 for 8 weeks

COMPLETE (SUMMER & EXTENDED) PACKAGE  - 12pm-4pm    $250 per week        $750 for 4 weeks        $850 for 8 weeks

JUNIOR HIGH TRAINING PROGRAM  - 4pm-5pm    $75 per week        $250 for 4 weeks        $350 for 8 weeks

(Comparison costs associated with other local HS camps range $20-40 per player per hour.)

The Complete Summer Package is HIGHLY recommended for athletes looking to perform at JV and Varsity standards.  Attending Camps, while fun, don't offer the solid daily routine needed for muscle memory development.  As a Varsity boys and girls coach, I believe in individualized training and skill repetition to solidify new actions into muscle memory.  No other Summer Program offers the amount of "ball touches" as the Complete Summer Package! 

Reserve your spot today by downloading this 2017 REGISTRATION FORM  Fill it out and either mail it or email it back.  Remember - SPACE IS LIMITED so sign up early!

Please respond to Coach Chad directly to signup, or feel free to contact me with questions/concerns.  I look forward to seeing you ALL very soon!!